Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National 历史 Academy?

国家历史BTT365是一个为期4周的暑期住宿项目, 11th and 12th-grade students with an interest in American 历史. Through our experiential curriculum, 学生们将有机会在实践中学习——亲身体验美国历史的发生地. Students will enjoy 3-4 trips to historic sites per week, 辅以充满活力的课堂体验,包括由杰出的客座演讲者进行主题演讲, 美国民主历史案例研究由哈佛商BTT365教授大卫·莫斯开发, parliamentary-style 辩论, 还有其他独特之处, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

W在这里 is National 历史 Academy based?

National 历史 Academy is based at Foxcroft School, a private 董事会ing school in Middleburg, 维吉尼亚州 just outside 华盛顿特区.C.

Why go to the National 历史 Academy?

国家历史BTT365的学生将通过参观美国一些最具历史意义的地方来学习美国历史的基础,并将有前所未有的机会接触杰出的学者, 政治领导人, and the seminal documents that define our nation. 这是一个千载难逢的机会,可以了解那些沿着他们的脚步帮助塑造和定义这个国家的领导人.

Quite simply: t在这里 is no other program like this in the Nation.

What is the admissions process for the National 历史 Academy?

有兴趣参加的学生应提交包括GPA在内的申请, 考试成绩, 还有一篇短文. Students may also include a letter of recommendation from a teacher, 指导顾问, principal or community leader, 一些学生也可能会被要求参加一个简短的电话面试.

申请将由一个委员会审查,并根据回应的成熟度和对主题的理解来判断. 申请成功的学生将被邀请到国家历史BTT365注册.

Admissions decisions are made monthly on a rolling basis.

What is the quality of the education?

美国国家历史BTT365热衷于通过创新的方式教授学生美国历史, experiential approach, 我们的老师和辅导员在这段经历中扮演着至关重要的角色. 学生将由一群有成就的大师教师教授,他们在编织沉浸式体验方面经验丰富, Case Method Institute history cases, 辩论, the Advanced Placement (AP) history curriculum, 创新项目,为学生创造千载难逢的机会.

Will I receive college credit?


How many students does the National 历史 Academy accept?

The National 历史 Academy has a capacity of 90 students.

Is this program accredited?


W在这里 are the students from?

国家历史BTT365面向全国和国际招生. In 2022, students from 26 states, five countries, and one U.S. territory joined us.  在2022年大选中,拥有最多席位的四个州是德克萨斯州, 加州, 纽约, 和佛罗里达.

What sites will the Academy visit?

Although the schedule is subject to change, BTT365的学生最有可能访问以下网站(可能还有更多):

  • Native American Sites
  • 詹姆斯敦
  • 威廉斯堡
  • Presidential sites including:
    • George Washington’s Mount Vernon
    • Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
    • James Madison’s Montpelier
  • African American slavery sites
  • Civil War sites including:
    • Gettysburg National Military Park
    • Antietam National Battlefield
  • National Parks including:
    • The Appalachian Trail National Park
    • 国家广场
    • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • Civil Rights sites including:
    • The Lincoln Memorial
    • 仓库保管员大学
  • 史密森尼国家非裔美国人历史和文化博物馆
  • 华盛顿特区.C.
    • The Smithsonian National Museum of American 历史
    • 美国.S. 国会大厦
    • 国家广场
    • President Lincoln’s Cottage

Who goes to the National 历史 Academy?

The National 历史 Academy is designed for highly motivated 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students with an interest in American history, government and law.

What is it like living in a dorm?

很有趣! Students will share bedrooms and bathrooms, but all beds are across the hall in separate “sleeping porches,” an integral part of the Foxcroft School experience.


See the “学生生活” page for more information.

I have a restricted diet. 我吃什么呢??

在国家历史BTT365,我们知道均衡的饮食对我们的学生很重要. That is why we are committed to delivering a healthy, delicious menu with options to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Students will be able to select from a variety of options, so accommodating food allergies, 素食和大多数其他饮食限制不会成为问题. Please call if you have a specific need you would like to discuss.

What do we do for fun?

The pool is open most days, trivia nights and movie nights are a regular occurrence, 还有网球比赛, 垒球比赛, and ping pong tournaments add a bit of friendly competition! Students will have access to a gymnasium, 运动场, 游戏, 图书馆, and hiking trails at Foxcroft.

What happens on the weekends?


Please also see the previous question – what we do for fun!

Are students allowed to have cell phones?

是的, 学生可以使用手机,只要他们是负责任的,并且不打扰其他学生. 学生不得在宿舍的睡眠走廊上讲手机,这是一个安静的区域. 上课或参观历史遗迹时不得使用手机(拍照除外), 当允许). Please see our full cell phone policy 在这里.

Is t在这里 internet available?

是的, students will have internet access.

Is t在这里 a bed time?


Can friends or family visit?

我们在BTT365的大部分经历都是为了充分利用我们在一起的短暂时间. 家长和家庭将被邀请在2023年7月28日星期五的最后一天参加闭幕式.

What is your vaping, tobacco and alcohol policy?

Foxcroft School is a smoke-free campus, 美国国家历史BTT365对电子烟采取严格的零容忍政策, tobacco and alcohol.

How safe is the campus?

Foxcroft School is located in Middleburg, 维吉尼亚州, a safe and quiet hamlet in the 维吉尼亚州 countryside. To further ensure the safety of students, the Foxcroft campus has a gatehouse, which is manned by security at all times.


How much does the National 历史 Academy cost?

The cost of the four-week residential camp is $9,每名学生995美元, 包括房费, 董事会, 学习资料, 运输, and admission to historic sites. Financial aid is available on a need basis.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available on a need basis. 希望获得经济援助的学生应在BTT365申请中注明这一点,并完整填写经济援助部分. BTT365工作人员将直接与这些家庭联系,以核实所提供的财务信息. 如果家庭在收到录取决定通知的同时获得了经济援助,则会通知他们.

Do staff members live in the dorms?

是的, teaching staff are assigned to live in the dorms. 宿舍按性别分开,同性教职员工住在每层楼的私人房间里.

What type of medical care is available?

国家历史BTT365雇用专业护士为健康中心提供急救和对小病小伤的反应. Approximately five miles away are several family practice offices. 15英里内, t在这里 are two level-III trauma centers, and within 35 miles t在这里 is a level-I trauma center. D.C. 该地区拥有全国最受好评的医疗设施和医院.

Is medication allowed?

是的. 护理人员将提供所有药物的监督和保障.

Can students have cars?

No, students cannot have cars at the Academy. All 运输 will be provided by coach bus.

How do you apply for financial aid?

Financial aid is available on a need basis. 希望获得经济援助的学生应在BTT365申请中注明这一点. BTT365工作人员将直接与这些家庭联系以获取财务信息. 如果家庭在收到录取决定通知的同时获得了经济援助,则会通知他们.

How do I pay for the Academy?

被录取的学生将被邀请注册BTT365. 学费 must be paid in full by June 15, 2023.